About Quentin

My work is all abstract but essentially figurative.’

Quentin Fleming creates abstract figures from found steel, forging and welding anything from commercial offcuts to old farm equipment.

'Working with steel, it has to be abstract to a certain extent.

Quentin lives in Somerset, and has practiced as an architect for 40 years. He first started sculpting with steel around five years ago when he attended a workshop at Study Sculpture with Simon Cooley.

'As an architect, you're always seeing things relative to something else, finding patterns and shapes. In truth I'm very instinctive, really.'
'The human figure is soft and flexible, and so it might seem counterintuitive to use the strength and rigid structure of steel. But what is interesting is that steel is strong but also malleable, it's intrinsic qualities aren't always obvious.' 

Quentin exhibits his work locally, and has a forge and workshop in Brokerswood, Wiltshire.